We've considered making a series of three vases and wheel throwing those shapes over and over again or slip-casting the originals.'s the easy route but what fun would that be?!?! Instead, we let the clay go where it wants to go and create whatever it is we're feeling that day. The result, a one of a kind piece as unique as the individuals they're named after. 

The commonality between each piece is the starting weight of the porcelain clay.  

  • The "Camryn" vase is our largest option among our Quinn vase series. The vase begins with a 5 pound ball and results in a 7" to 9" work of art. 
  • The "Kenna", our mid-sized vase option starts with 3 pounds of porcelain and becomes a 4" to 7" vessel. 
  • The "Reese" mini vase is the smallest option within our Quinn vase series. Each vase begins with 1 pound of clay and transforms into a 3" to 4" vase. 

Each vase is finished in either a glossy white, textured white crawl, oatmeal (creamy matte with speckles), grey or a black matte glaze. Vases can be purchased individually, in sets or email us to curate the perfect grouping.