Back At It - Throwing A "Reese" Vase

Wheelthrown Pottery - San Diego Pottery

After a little break, I'm back on the wheel throwing a handmade modern ceramic vase. Here is a "Reese" vase. Named after my youngest niece it's the smallest vase within our Quinn Vase Series Collection. Each "Reese" vase begins with one pound of clay. The "Kenna" starts with 3 pounds and the "Camryn", our largest option is created with five pounds. The starting weight of the clay is the only commonality of each piece. From there I let the clay go where it wants to go and throw whatever it is I'm feeling. The result, a one of a kind piece as unique as the individuals their named after. 

Flower vases make great unique gifts. Complete your home or living space with a thoughtfully designed ceramic flower vase. Pottery and ceramics made in San Diego, California by ceramic artist Nicole Novena. 

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