New Season, New Glaze - Plus, CLAY + CRAFT Jewelry

New Custom Glaze for Our Modern Ceramics

Introducing "Oatmeal" our newest glaze. After a ridiculous amount of testing, this glaze is finally performing well (phew πŸ‘). While it's not the loudest color you've ever seen, we're slowly branching out πŸ˜‰ πŸ‘. It's looking great on our handmade ceramic coffee mugs, cups, bowls and carafes. I've used this for vases from time to time and I'm excited to expand it to our modern functional collection. It's a clean, white matte finish with unpredictable brown speckles. A subtle new take to our classic design. It pairs well with the beautiful Spring mornings and evenings we've been enjoying in San Diego!


Say hello to our porcelain ceramic necklaces. Clay can be used for more than creating vases, dinnerware and drinking vessels. Our favorite necklace is the white crawl texture glaze. It's unique but follows to our less is more approach, creating a timeless piece of jewelry that's for a special night out or everyday use. 

Take a look at our GIFTS page for more details on our jewelry offerings.