New Vases in Home Decor


I'm excited to roll out a few new handmade pottery vases. It's been a long time coming. I work hard to create pottery vases and natural home decor that is timeless, modern and blends with a variety of interior designs. We now have three options and each vase is unique and has their individual story to how they came about. Read on...

Stem Vase

I love this small single stem flower vase. It exists because I enjoy creating it. I hate to admit it but its very self serving. However, others see it and are instantly drawn to it, so, it makes me realize, maybe I am doing this for others after all. I love throwing the shape on the pottery wheel and feel accomplished when it's completed. The design is very much inspired by feel. I've found the right balance between height and width. I start by making a small cylinder and then increase the wheel speed while closing the vase to form the top. And when completed it serves a few purposes. From a single flower vase, to a addition to one's desk or vase collection. It is a nice gift to thank teacher and a little something for mom on Mother's day. 

Cylinder Vase

This handmade pottery vase takes me back to where my ceramics began, in high school. That was 20 years ago. I'm feeling old =). My pottery teacher, who taught me the basics of pottery and wheel throwing would task us with throwing cylinders. It's actually a tough task to make a perfectly straight cylinder vase. As I've evolved my wheel throwing and pottery skills, I've tried to throw larger and larger and in doing so I naturally create this really pretty cylinder shape which inspired this vase. As I'm throwing, when I make a pull, the pressure placed on the clay makes a beautiful shape. This vase stands 8"'s my tallest creation yet. Based on the shape, I've found the white, oatmeal and gray glazes perform the best. I'm working on making the matte black work as well so more to come. The design is intended to be classic and timeless. other vases to form a cohesive collective. To showcase pottery in its simplest form. Natural home decor for a variety of interior designs.  This vase works well with a full bouquet of flowers but stands on it's own nicely and works well when grouped with other vases to form a cohesive collective.   

Modern Vase

This vase is near and dear to me because it too me a while to land on the design. It's part of my original drinkware collection and also serves as the carafe in my top selling best selling carafe and cup set. I wanted to create a piece that didn't resemble another vase design or work of art but was simple, timeless, modern and had a natural element where I could let the clay shine.  The vase is about 7 1/2" inches tall and holds a medium sized flower bouquet nicely. 

Modern Home Decor

It's pieces like these handmade pottery vases that help complete a space. I work with several interior designers who place my work in clients home or use my pieces for staging. My vases have been placed in living rooms, bathrooms and outdoor patios and offices to bring a room together. Even my carafe and cup set has been found in photoshoots for bathroom renovations. So, have fun curating your own handmade pottery vase collection!