Elevate Your Drinkware With Our Favorite Smoothie + Tea Recipes

Fill Your Pottery Mug with Good Stuff + Our Favorited Drinks

There is nothing more satisfying than starting the day with a healthy beverage. I've listed out my favorite morning smoothies and tea recipes below. I hope they inspire you and become part of your morning or evening routine. Add, adjust and tweak to your liking. So grab your mug or tea cup from your favorite pottery store and fill it up with good stuff!

Chocolate Banana + Hemp Seed Smoothie

I realized I wasn't getting enough magnesium in my diet and it was affecting me in ways I don't think either of us care to go in to detail about but after some research and adding hemp seeds to my daily routine, I feel ridiculously better. So, this smoothie is a must for me to help get the magnesium my body requires. 

It's simple...blend together a frozen banana, a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa, several tablespoons of hemp seeds and almond milk. To elevate it add a pinch of cinnamon and a little cayenne (a little goes a long way so, careful!). It's delish and makes for a nice change from the standard chocolate smoothie. 

This recipe was inspired by ohsheglows.com as well as Live Beaming. Basically a blend of each of their recipes. 

Mango, Banana + Chia Smoothie

This is my new fav. You'd never think chia would work with mango or bananas but together it's this nice soothing blend that I really enjoy. I found the recipe from @magic.spoon who is a California based nutritionist. 

Blend together frozen mango, frozen banana, chia spice and your milk of choice. 

This recipe is from Mackenzie Rich of mymagicspoon.com.

Refreshing Kale Smoothie

I found this recipe from Real Simple magazine years ago and it has stay with me. From time to time I break it out and also use it to get Roark to get some veggies. Add a cup of kale, one celery stalk, a little apple juice, ice and a banana into a blender. You can add flax seed if you're feeling that sort of thing too. It's refreshing and tastes good. I will admit between the apple juice and banana, it can be on the sugary side but maybe the kale off sets that =). 

This recipe is from Real Simple magazine. 

Cashew + Banana Smoothie

This one is my husband's favorite. It works best when you soak the cashews overnight or even for a few hours to soften them up. Take the 1/2 cup of cashews, add in a frozen banana and your milk of choice. Max likes to add a date or two to the mixture but I don't think it's necessary...the banana sweetens it up enough. 

This recipe is from Real Simple magazine.

Healthy Pina Colada (aka Coconut Milk + Pineapple (or Orange Juice) Cooler)

I love the combo of coconut milk and pineapple juice. I drink this without rum but have also added rum to enjoy on a sunny weekend afternoon. Like everything I do, be it with my pottery or cooking, I keep it simple and use as little ingredients as possible. Whether I'm adding alcohol or not, the key to this drink is making it in a shaker or mason jar. Combine equal parts coconut milk and pineapple juice (or orange juice...tastes really awesome too), add rum if you're looking for a little extra something then add a bunch of ice. Shake it up (in either the cocktail shaker or mason jar. Poor into your favorite mug or glass and enjoy!!

This recipe is inspired by Nectarine Grove in Leucadia, CA.

Mint + Date Tea

On those cold mornings I love a hot cup of tea in our tea cup. Like our ceramics, this recipe is beyond simple. Boil hot water, add a crap load of mint and a few dates. Let it stew for a few minutes and enjoy. So simple and so good. 

This recipe is from my mother in law, Swee Lin Novena =). 

Hot Detox Tea

I found this recipe from ohsheglows.com...I love everything she creates. The recipe makes a few cups...combine two cups of boiling water to 1/2 teaspoon of grated ginger (I've used dry ginger as well), add a few dashes of cinnamon, a few dashes of ground turmeric, a few dashes of cayenne, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a little lemon juice. The recipe calls fro maple syrup too but I think you could leave it out (I'm always trying to watch my sugar intake because I have a sweet tooth). 

This recipe is from ohsheglows.com.

Cucumber or Lemon Water

When I'm feeling really dehydrated, which is often because I don't drink enough water, I force myself to drink a glass of water before I eat or drink anything else. I add lemon or cucumbers to make it more enjoyable. 

I don't this anyone gets credit for this one...its just water =). 

Modern Drinkware

We use our ceramic mugs, clay coffee mugs and cups for everything including these morning smoothies, drinks and teas. From our morning coffee to our favorite cocktails, we use our modern ceramics all day long. 


Our signature mug holds twelve ounces. I've often asked about the heat transfer. Yes, you do feel the warmth. If you're sensitive to heat, you'll need to be careful but if you're like me and enjoy the warmth, you'll love cozying up with this mug. The mugs are handmade so every now and then you'll need to hand wash it but it's microwave and dishwasher safe for daily use. 


Our ceramic cup holds six ounces. It works well for lattes and at night works as a great whiskey cup for that end of the night topper. Like our mug, our cup is dishwasher and microwave safe. 

Pottery With A Purpose

CLAY + CRAFT's pottery is intended to be useful as well as beautiful. It looks good, feels good and functions well...especially for smoothies, healthy drinks and tea =). Like our pottery, these drink ideas are thoughtfully created. Enjoy!