Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The Best Wine Gifts For Mom

Wondering what to get your mom for Mother's Day? Trust me, she wants wine. Whether your mother is a diehard wine enthusiast or not, there is nothing more helpful than a glass of wine or a cocktail to round out a long day.

Below you'll find some pottery related gift ideas including our Carafe and Cup Set as well as a list of wine recommendations and cocktail ideas to help you create a well rounded gift for the deserving mom in your life.

Pottery Gifts - Carafe and Cup Set

  • Our wine carafe + cup set was designed to hold an entire bottle of wine and the matching cup holds 6 ounces, a standard glass of wine pour. The wine carafe can also be purchased alone. And, the best part about this piece is it doubles as a flower vase. The handmade pottery vase stands 7 1/2 inches tall and holds a flower bouquet. Its simple design blends nicely with existing table top decor and dishware so she can use again and again. The set comes in three colors; glossy white, satin grey (shown here), and matte oatmeal.
  • Flowers and a ceramic vase are a nice touch as well. We just rolled out this cute little vase as well as an 8" flower vase. And, we have a few others. 
  • We also have a coffee mug and wood plate set that makes for a great gift if she's a coffee lover. The clay pottery mug holds 12 ounces and the natural wood plate compliments the modern mug nicely. She'll enjoy cozying up on the couch with a warm blanket, a book with our coffee mug and wood plate set.

Wine Recommendations To Compliment Our Carafe and Cup Set

  • Wine Recommendations Courtesy of My Wine Savvy Sister:
    • Michael David Petite Petit Sirah which can be found at Costco for around $14.
    • Chappellet Mountain Cuvee Red Blend is always a crowd pleaser. It will cost around $30-$35 and can be found a many wine shops. 
    • Ferrari Carano Fume Blanc is another options. It will cost around $16 and may be found at Trader Joes as well as your local wine store. 
    • A family favorite is Justin Cabernet which is available just about anywhere, including Costco and runs anywhere from $20-23 per bottle. 
  • Affordable Options: I recently enjoyed Food + Wine's article, "50 Affordable Wines You Can Trust". It includes a bunch of options all for under $20. One of our favs included is Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Merlot for around $15.
  • New York Sour Cocktail Recipe: We're really into whiskey of late. Our go to cocktail is a New Your Sour. It's equal parts whiskey and sweet and sour (we buy Limeade from Trader Joes which is a little bit of a healthier option). Then, add a little red wine floater on's delish. Our 12 ounce tumbler / ceramic mug is perfect for this cocktail. 
  • Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe: With it getting warmer your mom is sure to enjoy a Moscow Mule. Just combine vodka, ginger beer, lime juice together and garnish with a line wedge. We serve these in our 12 ounce ceramic tumbler. 
  • Boochcraft: While this isn't a wine, its my new favorite drink of choice. Its made in San Diego and popping up everywhere. Boochcraft is California’s first high-alcohol content Kombucha—providing a delicious, organic sparkling beverage with a kick. Kombucha is a health-forward fermented black tea that usually only has a very small trace of alcohol from the fermentation process. However the folks at Boochcraft figured out how to take this already delicious beverage to the next level and bottle it with 7% ABV. Plus, Boochcraft is packed full of probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. It comes in six different flavors and can be found throughout California. Cheers!

Clay Vases

I also rolled out a bunch of new vases. We new have an awesome selection of flower vases, stem vases, cylinder vases, classic vases and modern vase designs. 

Stem Vase - I love this small single stem flower vase. It exists because I enjoy creating it. I hate to admit it but its very self serving. However, others see it and are instantly drawn to it so it makes me realize, maybe and I doing this for others after all. I love throwing the shape on the pottery wheel and feel accomplished when it's completed. The design is very much inspired by feel. It's beyond fun to create as I've found the right balance between height and width. I simply create a cylinder vase and then speed up the wheel while putting just the right amount of pressure on the clay to form the top. And when completed, it serves so many purposes. From a single stem flower vase to a simple ceramic vase to a diffuser. It is a nice gift for a teachers and thoughtful for mother's day. 

Ceramic Vase

Cylinder Vase - Our new cylinder vase is our tallest ceramic vase. This vase takes me back to where my ceramics began, in high school. That was 20 years ago. I'm feeling old =). My pottery teacher, who taught me the basics of pottery and wheel throwing would task us with throwing cylinders. It's actually a tough task to make a perfectly straight cylinder vase. As I've evolved my wheel throwing and pottery skills, I've tried to throw larger and larger and in doing so I naturally create this really pretty cylinder shape which inspired this vase. As I'm throwing, when I make a pull, the pressure placed on the clay makes a beautiful shape. This vase stands 8"'s my tallest creation yet. Based on the shape, I've found the white, oatmeal and gray glazes perform the best. I'm working on making the matte black work as well so more to come. 

Flower Vase

Modern Vase - Our modern vase is perfect for a small bouquet of flowers. This vase is near and dear to me because I worked hard on the design. It's part of my original drinkware collection and also serves as the carafe in my top selling carafe and cup set. I wanted to create a piece that didn't resemble another design or work of art but was simple, timeless, modern and had a natural element where I could let the clay shine.