Home Decor Trends + Three DIY Home Decor Projects To Try

Timeless Decor for Your Modern Home

While we strive to create clay vases and modern pottery that is timeless, it's always a nice exercise to see how our pottery pairs with what's currently trending in home decor. Every year we see home decor trends come and go so it's fun to see what sticks around and becomes a mainstay. 

While 2017 brought us millennial pink, 2018 seems to be a bit more understated - yeah! So, if you're looking to keep your home on point, here are a few ideas that are currently trending in home decor, which, I feel will stick around.

Plus, keep reading as I've include three DIY projects that align with these home decor trends. Learn how to build a live edge table, create natural wall art and make napkin rings to complete the perfect table top look. 

Home Decor Tip #1 - Organic Elements

Bring the outdoors in with wood tones, pieces drift wood, live edge tables, pottery, stones, clay vases, woven baskets and natural textures. 

This is actually really easy to do, especially if you live in San Diego like me. There are beautiful beach rocks everywhere. Our vases are a nice example of an organic and modern home decor element. With almost every piece I make, I leave some of the clay of the clay vase exposed to create the perfect balance between a natural and refined home decor design.

Keep reading to learn how to build your own Live Edge Table. 

Home Decor Tip #2 - Warm Neutrals

It's all about creating a calming space and warm neutrals do that nicely. Creamy chunky blankets, woven pieces, pillows and natural leather furniture pieces. Pair with simple patterns and pottery vases to add a little personality. 

Our organic plates are a nice example of a calming neutral. Pair with a texture place mat and you've achieved home decor tip #2.

Scroll down to make natural leather napkin rings and a boho wall art hanging. 

Home Decor Tip #3 - Matte Black

Matte Black one of the several colors of the year per Pantone and we're seeing it subtly pop up everywhere...from chair legs to lighting fixtures to yes, vases =). A little matte black accent can go a long way in a space.

We've recently added it as a glaze option for our new bud vase. It's a beautiful little clay vase. 

Home Decor Advice

When my husband and I renovated our home we made a conscious effort to keep the finishes simple and timeless. There is nothing worse than getting sick of a pattern, design that is difficult to change (like tile for example) or expensive piece of furniture so it's important to choose wisely and refrain from purchasing something that may appeal to you now because you're seeing it everywhere. You need to be able to stop and know the difference between a trend and a classic design. 

I use small, inexpensive accents to keep our home feeling fresh and in the now, while the bones of our home, for example our kitchen cabinets and countertops, floor tile and furniture remains very simple.


We like to think that our pottery vases pair very nicely with these three home decor trends (which we feel, should stick around). They are more timeless and understated than say that Chevron print we're all already tired of. Even the mud cloth pillows that I currently dig will loose their appeal over time.

We design our pottery to be timeless, modern and live on for years to come. They work in the most traditional of homes as well as the modern home. Our vases can be combined with others and intended to be collected. 

Our clay vases have been found in bathrooms, offices, kitchens and of course living rooms throughout homes across San Diego, California and the United States. 

DIY Home Decor

I'm the type of person that sees something and instead of buying it, my brain instantly is trying to figure out how to make it. How to make it better, for less and with my own hands, thus making the end result that much more fulfilling.

So, here are a few home decor ideas that align with what's trending and noted above. Create your own handmade home with simple modern touches that pair nicely with what's trending in home decor. 


I wanted to make napkin rings that compliment my pottery and entire table setting. Something to add a nice handcrafted and understated touch to the table that didn't take away from my ceramics. It needed to blend with the natural, pottery dishes and clay vases and pottery mugs.

I was able to pick up almost everything at Michaels to create these DIY Leather Napkin Rings. I found the solid brass beads at a local bead store. 

The materials and supplies you need include: Leather string, wood beads, brass beads and a good pair of scissors. 


1) Simply measure out the leather and cut it so it's long enough to double and go around the napkin. Create a loop and string both ends of the leather through the bead. Please note the bead has to be large enough to allow two pieces of leather to go through. Also, I always use solid brass beads because they wear well. Anything gold or brass plated will tarnish and weather so you're better off buying solid brass beads from the start to ensure your work is made well and lasts. See image above.

2) String a combination of the wood and brass beads on each end and tie at the bottom. 

3) Feed the napkin through the loop of the newly created napkin ring and adjust the center bead for a nice fit.


You'll see in the picture above, I tucked name cards between the ring and napkin and placed the menu cards on the plates. I found the artwork on line and using a simple computer program, created the name and menu card and printed everything within less than an hour. 

Wall Yarn Art.JPG


This project combines various textures together for a nice mix of neutral yarns to wood beads and leather string. Create a natural and nature inspired wall piece to complete any space. Once you have everything it takes about an hour (at best) to make. I put ours in our outside patio area and it really adds to the whole boho vibe I was going for. 

Hooper (he's so awesome) actually found the stick in the park and once I saw it, I knew I had to create something with it. And, it was perfect for this project. But, if you don't have an awesome dog to find sticks for you, Etsy has some beautiful driftwood options. 

I purchases two different types of yarn from Michaels. One has a gold component woven in it and the other has some textured component so together they work well. I had the brown string and wood beads (I use the beads for this necklace) but those too are available at Michaels. And, the string which hangs the piece is from Etsy. 

To begin, drill holes in the wood stick to attached the leather string to hang the piece or simply tie the leather around the wood. The, loop the yarn around the stick, alternating the type in 3-4 area chunks. Then, create the middle brown yarn and wood bead piece and like the yarn, loop it around the wood. And, voila...a nice addition to your home! 


Go to DIY Hairpin Legs and purchase the table legs. Then find a lumber yard or table top shop like, Made Lumber. I selected a piece of 4 foot redwood with a live edge because it fit the space I was looking to fill and didn't need a ton of sanding or cutting work.

After sanding the entire piece really well I cleaned it really well. Then, wiped on Minwax Wipe On Poly. I let it dry and decided to do a second coat. After letting it dry I drilled the legs to the table top and there you go, a new live edge table. It's perfect for photographing my pottery vases. 

Modern Vase Collection.JPG


CLAY + CRAFT is a collection of modern pottery and home decor made by Nicole Novena in San Diego, California.