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Home Decor Trends + Three DIY Home Decor Projects To Try

What’s Trending In Home Decor + Three Easy DIY Home Decor Projects

While we strive to create vases and functional ceramics that are timeless, it's always a nice exercise to see how our pottery pairs with what's currently trending in home decor. Every year we see home decor trends come and go so it's fun to see what sticks around and becomes a mainstay. 

While 2017 brought us millennial pink, 2018 seems to be a bit more understated - yeah! So, if you're looking to keep your home on point, here are a few ideas that are currently trending in home decor, which, I feel will stick around.

Plus, keep reading as I've included three DIY projects that align with these home decor trends. Learn how to build a live edge table, create natural wall art and make napkin rings to complete the perfect table top look. HAVE A READ + GET TO WORK…

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