We create our ceramics with porcelain clay, a smooth white stoneware clay and occasionally, a beautiful brown stoneware. We primarily utilize a glossy white glaze as we've had the best luck with it and like its simplicity. However, we've expanded to a natural looking Oatmeal as well as a Satin Gray option. 

Our pottery is wheel thrown, hand built or slip cast (from an original wheel thrown CLAY + CRAFT design). With every piece we begin with pen + paper and sketch out ideas. From there, we hit the wheel and wheel throw at least a dozen pottery versions that vary in size and design. Once the clay has dried a bit, we trim or clean up the ceramics piece to refine the shape. We then fire up the kiln to 1900-2200 degrees. From start to finish it generally takes about two weeks to make a piece. It took about six months and several rounds of this process to get our carafe + cup set to its current and desired state. Many times we start with a design and thanks to the creative process, it morphs into a better end product. Producing quality ceramics requires skill but more importantly patience, persistence and discipline. It's a labor of love but we believe, "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." - Maya Angelou