Altered Vase Collection

Altered Vase Collection

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Modern Vase Series Celebrates A Potter’s Journey

These perfectly thrown cylinders (the most fundamental shape of pottery) are then, intentionally altered. Like my other work, they are clean and timeless, however, these have a bit more presence and purpose. The vases represent everything about a potter’s journey through clay. From the mishaps to the moment it all comes together to beauty of the material itself. I've spent years perfecting to now intentionally create an oops =). My mantra has always been to create pieces I truly love. I adore these so much for what they mean.

Intended for homes of those who appreciate uniqueness and artisanal and one of a kind pieces that exude an understated elegance.

The collection comes in three sizes and three glaze options.

  • Small - 3” wide x 5” tall. Glaze Options: White, Black, Oatmeal.

  • Medium - 3” wide x 6 1/2” tall. Glaze Options: White, Black, Oatmeal.

  • Large - 3” wide x 8” tall. Glaze Options: White, Black, Oatmeal.

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