Wheel Reservation / Wheel Practice (Uninstructed)

Wheel Reservation / Wheel Practice (Uninstructed)


Would you like to take a turn at the wheel? Now is your chance!! If you’re looking to take a spin, we have you covered.

  • Wheel Lesson for $100.00 - Receive a 20-30 minute demonstration outlining the steps to throwing (ex: centering the clay, forming the bottom, making a pull and shaping the piece). Then, enjoy 30 minutes to work at your own pace, ask questions and create one piece to keep. Your piece will be fired, glazed (per your selection), fired again and ready for pick up in a few weeks. Clean up is required at the end of your lesson.

  • Sign Up Note: Advance registration is required. At checkout, select the "LOCAL PICKUP" option to avoid shipping being calculated. 

  • Location: 1834 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054 (at CLAY + CRAFT’s Co-Op Shop with RAIS CASE / All Species / Mr. B’s and Wild Habit).

Create At Your Own Risk - Assumption of Risk & Liability Release: Upon registering for this event, I am voluntarily participating at my own risk in this activity. I hereby fully waive and release CLAY + CRAFT and Nicole Novena from any and all claims that may result in my participation.

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