CLAY + CRAFT is a collection of ceramic or handcrafted pottery ranging from kitchen and tabletop wares to home decor goods to jewelry. Each work of art is modern, simple and timeless. We believe in thoughtful, timeless design and follow a less is more approach with each creation. 

Today, CLAY + CRAFT is a small, home based ceramics studio located in San Diego and the seaside community of Cardiff, California. While we've refined our pottery and can be found in coffee shops, television commercials, advertisements, restaurants and homes across the United States, we're a continuously evolving, work in process that has been years in the making. We believe in doing what's needed today to get to where you want to be tomorrow. We're dreaming of bigger things but for now, we're rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty!  

Follow our clay covered journey at @nicolenovena on Instagram or @clayandcraft on Facebook. 

Nicole Novena Ceramic Artist San Diego

Nicole Novena - A San Diego, California Based Potter / Contemporary Ceramic Artist

Clay covered + forever making. 

Born in Bennington, Vermont and current resident of Cardiff by the Sea, just outside of San Diego, California, CLAY + CRAFT owner / ceramic artist, Nicole Novena was first exposed to clay in high school and has been creating ceramics since. She comes from a lineage of creatives; from everyday painters to successful film makers, her desire to create is a trait she is thankful to have inherited.  

CLAY + CRAFT is the output of 20+ years of pottery exploration coupled with 15 years of marketing + business experience. 

In 2016, Nicole launched CLAY + CRAFT. 

Hooper - Our Pottery Studio Assistant

Hooper, a Bernese Mountain Dog, is CLAY + CRAFT's trusted studio assistant. He is a rambunctious, loving Bernese Mountain Dog who adds a tremendous amount of personality to the studio. When not in time out for eating clay he provides loads of support. His speciality is design consultation. 



We create our ceramics with porcelain clay, a smooth white stoneware clay and occasionally, a beautiful brown stoneware. We primarily utilize a glossy white glaze as we've had the best luck with it and like its simplicity. However, we've expanded to a natural looking Oatmeal as well as a Satin Gray option. 

Our pottery is wheel thrown, hand built or slip cast (from an original wheel thrown CLAY + CRAFT design). With every piece we begin with pen + paper and sketch out ideas. From there, we hit the wheel and wheel throw at least a dozen pottery versions that vary in size and design. Once the clay has dried a bit, we trim or clean up the ceramics piece to refine the shape. We then fire up the kiln to 1900-2200 degrees. From start to finish it generally takes about two weeks to make a piece. It took about six months and several rounds of this process to get our carafe + cup set to its current and desired state. Many times we start with a design and thanks to the creative process, it morphs into a better end product. Producing quality ceramics requires skill but more importantly patience, persistence and discipline. It's a labor of love but we believe, "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." - Maya Angelou



  • All of our pottery is food safe and made with certified food safe (unless indicated), lead free glazes.
  • Items can be placed in the dishwasher and microwave. That said, they are handcrafted and should be handled with care. Every now and then we recommend cleaning with a little Bar Keeper's Friend (and a little elbow grease). 
  • Allow for gradual temperature change as pottery can crack or break if transferred from the freezer to the oven.
  • While we work hard to ensure our pieces are uniform and consistent (if intended), they are handmade and may vary slightly. 



  • We accept all major credit cards (and ETSY gift cards through our ETSY shop). We primarily ship USPS as we've found it's the most inexpensive (yet still efficient) way to ship your order.
  • We may use recycled cardboard boxes to fulfill orders to help reduce handling fees and of course, recycle =). 
  • Not happy with your order? Please email us within 15days at nicolenovena@gmail.com and we'll make it right.
  • In the event that your item arrived broken or damaged due to shipping, please send us an email with a picture (USPS requires a picture in order to file a claim in an attempt to recoup the loss) of the damaged product. We will issue a refund or send a replacement.